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On September 1, our co-founders Giorgi (CEO) and Tavseef (COO) were invited to present CinSOIL at Startupnight 2023 in Berlin. CinSOIL was one of the 24 food startups selected to participate in Foodnight, a special track of the Startupnight event focused on innovations exclusively in AgriFood area. The event created a unique opportunity to introduce our startup to the dynamic Berlin startup ecosystem for the first time and engage in discussions with the fellow startup founders.

Tavseef (L) and Giorgi (R) in front of the CinSOIL stand at Foodnight track of the Startupnight event.

September 2023, Microsoft Atrium in Berlin

At the event, Giorgi gave two presentations in front of potential customers and investors, and stressed the urgency of transforming food supply chains to comply with the upcoming EU regulations as well as meet the EU’s carbon-neutral future targets. Additionally, he talked about the importance of decarbonising supply chains through insetting emissions at farm level, rather than offsetting to third parties (for differences between offsetting and insetting, please read our earlier blog post).

With the new EU regulations and increasing pressure from consumers, agri-food businesses realise that they need to reduce emissions in their operations and decarbonise supply chains; rather than offset emissions and continue doing business as usual.

Giorgi Shuradze, Berlin Startupnight 2023

About Startupnight: Startupnight is one of Europe’s largest events for startups to present themselves to corporates, investors and potential customers. The Foodnight by crowdfoods is part of the Startupnight since 2019. The event highlights the innovation potential of food startups and supports interest-based matchmaking and interaction between startups, large companies & investors. This year was the 11th edition.

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