Impressions from the Synergy Days 2023, the conference connecting digital innovators of the European agri-food sector






Just a few days after going full-time into her role as CinSOIL Co-Founder and CTO, Antonella was in Thessaloniki to contribute to the panel discussion on climate smart agriculture at the Synergy Days conference. During the plenary session, which also covered the current EU proposal for a carbon removal certification framework and a real-life example of transition to regenerative agriculture practices, Antonella presented an overview of current innovations and challenges in soil carbon sequestration. The topics discussed clearly resonated a lot with conference participants, resulting in a fruitful discussion.

Antonella Succurro on stage at the SynergyDays 2023
Antonella on stage at the SynergyDays, presenting her contribution “Towards sustainable agri-food systems: innovations and challenges in soil carbon sequestration” during the panel discussion.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality in our agri-food systems, moving from offsetting to insetting can do more than reduce emissions; it can create a stronger, resilient, more sustainable supply chain.

Dr. Antonella Succurro, CinSOIL Co-Founder and CTO

Overall, the Synergy Days conference brought together 28 EU projects from the SmartAgriHubs network and several key stakeholders in the sector of agricultural innovation. From panel discussions and workshops, a clear picture emerged: as the agri-food sector confronts the climate emergency, reducing emissions and environmental harm requires a united effort from all players. Building a sustainable food system means taking action on both environmental and policy fronts, while also paying close attention to social impacts, valuing diversity, and promoting social justice across the whole food value chain. Ensuring that farmers are properly supported and not unfairly burdened with extra costs is key to a successful shift towards sustainable farming practices.

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