Impressions from the EIT Food’s Future of Food Conference in Brussels






On October 26th, CinSOIL was invited to the Future of Food Conference, the EIT Food’s 2023 flagship conference, in Brussels. CinSOIL is proud to be one of the Startups selected to be in the EIT Food’s Startups Focus Group, contributing to the debate about how the European startup ecosystem can best support innovation in order to enable transformations in the food system. During the Startup Focus Group workshop CinSOIL co-founders engaged in a conversation with their colleagues to identify the most urgent policy actions needed to let European agrifood startups flourish. This was the first in-person meeting of the Focus Group and we look forward to the upcoming work together with other innovators.

Furthermore, in the afternoon, CinSOIL CTO Antonella was on the panel discussion “DeepTech Talents to nurture our future in food & agriculture”. The take-home message: deep tech skills go beyond pure tech knowledge, as they encompass communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. What are often considered “soft skills” are essential for innovating and implementing technology effectively and fairly.

Overall, the Future of Food conference is an excellent platform to engage with European lawmakers on key initiatives and various aspects of food sustainability, providing a pivotal opportunity for stakeholder collaboration towards a more sustainable, resilient, and transparent food system.

If you are interested in how deep tech relates to topics such as life-long learning, equal opportunities, and fostering diversity in STEM and entrepreneurship, you can watch the session recording here.

Encouraging more girls and under-represented groups to pursue STEM fields and entrepreneurship is crucial for fostering diverse perspectives and driving inclusive innovation that reflects and serves the needs of a broader society.

The topic of diversity resonated a lot with the panellists and the participants of the session.
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