EU consumers value sustainability




A McKinsey survey of consumers from the DACH region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) in 2021 reported that the majority of respondents are willing to pay more for sustainable products, in particularly food. In particular, the second most important criteria (after avoiding environmentally hazardous substances) is “Low greenhouse gas emissions”.

Modified from McKinsey, 2021. See original full graphics here.

… sustainability and business success indeed go hand in hand: sustainable actions pay off and a positive link exists between ESG and financial performance.

McKinsey 2021

Sustainability was evaluated among the top three trends to shape the grocery retail industry for 2021-2022, leading more than 30 surveyed retailers to commit to science-based emission-reduction targets at the end of 2020. Considering the EU own climate neutrality target of reaching net-zero by 2050, we can expect major policy pressure on companies ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments. The earlier the start, the bigger the competitive advantage.

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